National Association of Towns & Townships

COVID Relief for Towns and Townships

There are approximately 39,000 units of local government in the United States. Of that number, 85 percent serve communities with less than 10,000 people, and nearly half have fewer than 1,000 residents. State and local funding must be provided directly to all units of local government – regardless of population. Otherwise, our nation’s struggling towns and townships will not recover from this devastating pandemic.

In addition to direct local aid, NATaT supports the flexible use of federal assistance to allow towns and townships to use that federal aid however they need to help our communities recover.

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Municipal Bonds

Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds NATaT supports maintaining and preserving tax-exempt municipal bonds. Tax-exempt municipal bonds are how our towns and townships – and other local governments



FAST Act Reauthorization The current surface transportation authorization law (FAST Act, P.L. No. 114-94) runs through September 30, 2021). As Congress works on FAST Act